The Finnish Youth Circus Association

The Finnish Youth Circus Association (FYCA) is the national umbrella organisation of youth circuses in Finland. The association was founded in 1991. FYCA has 45 member organizations and these member organizations have over 8500 members together.

FYCA promotes amateur youth circus activities and aims at providing better facilities for youth circuses, circus amateurs and circus teachers. The association brings together both amateurs and professionals and develops possibilities for children and young people to take part in circus activities.

FYCA organizes events, festivals, camps and educational workshops for its members. International activities, production and publication of educational materials, providing information and projects in collaboration with several other actors are also an important part of the activity.

Our main event in 2017 is the Voltti 2017 festival, organised on the 8.-11.6.2017 in Lappeenranta in cooperation with Suomen Nuorisoseurat and Suomen Harrastajateatteriliitto. For more information (in Finnish), see

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Instagram: @Nuorisosirkusliitto
Twitter: @Nuorisosirkus

FYCA in a nutshell
❧ Founded in 1991
❧ 45 member circuses around Finland with approximately 9,000 students. Check the updated list here.
❧ Approximately 250 circus teachers and trainers work in the youth circuses and clubs.
❧ A founding member of European Youth Circus Organization (EYCO) and a member of the Baltic-Nordic Circus Network

Kaasutehtaankatu 1/4, 00540 Helsinki, Finland
+358 50 414 2041


Professionalizing European Youth Circuses (PEYC)

FYCA coordinates the Erasmus+ funded project Professionalizing European Youth Circuses (PEYC). The project is a European cooperation between nine partners. You can find the list of the partners here.

The project aims to increase the professional competencies of circus teachers and trainers and improve the quality of youth work done in youth circuses across Europe.

During the project, different training courses will be organised for circus trainers and teachers as well as for youth circus leaders and other administrative staff.

PEYC aims to encourage the people working in the youth circuses to understand their role as a youth worker and to appreciate it. Besides being just a pastime activity, circus can also be an efficient tool to increase social inclusion and physical and social well-being.

For more information, see
A lot of materials, circus games, exercises, tips etc:


The Partner Acrobatics and Pyramid Cards

99 cards, 99 exercises in partner acrobatics and pyramids! By balancing together and making pyramids individuals learn working in pairs and groups, as well as to trust others and be trusted.

The cards are created by Mirja Tuomi and published by The Finnish Youth Circus Association.

Every card has instructions on the back side. There are a 99 cards in each deck. The cards are divided into three different groups: partner stunts, three-person pyramids and pyramids and  are colour coded according to their difficulty. The card set comes with an instructional booklet. Teachers and students of our member organisations as well as the students’ parents are entitled to the reduced price of 25 euros per deck. The non-member price is 35 euros per deck. You can order the cards by email snslfi(at) or, if you live in Finland, you can buy them from our webshop.

Sirkuspyramidi magazine
The association publishes a printed circus magazine, Sirkuspyramidi. The magazine is published quarterly in Finnish since 1993. Sirkuspyramidi magazine is dedicated to circus arts, youth circus, circus critics and reports and news from the circus field. The magazine is a member of the circus arts magazine network INCAM.