Assistant trainers sharing knowledge (ASK)

Assistant trainers sharing knowledge (ASK) is a project coordinated by FYCA and funded by the Erasmus+ program. Altogether 11 European partners make the project happen between the years 2018-2020. The project aims to support assistant trainers in their role both during the project as well as after its ending through the created outputs.

During the project, a European model for circus assistant trainers training is created in the five masterclasses of the project. In addition, during the project also video learning material as well as guidelines for circus schools / youth circuses are created.

Four multiplier events organised in different countries will also share the information and the project results to more than 220 participants.


During the project five masterclasses take place. They are aimed both for the assistant trainers or young trainers-to-be as well as professionals working with assistant trainers, including circus teachers, trainer and other staff.

The dates of the masterclasses in 2019:

27.2.–3.3.2019 focus on the role of the assistant trainer; Tallinn, Estonia
3.–7.4.2019 the circus school supporting the assistant trainer; Lodz, Poland
9.–13.10.2019 focus on learning and teaching; the Netherlands
20.–24.11.2019 focus on motivation; Barcelona, Spain

Each partner chooses their participants for the masterclass – for more information, contact your national umbrella.

The project partners:

The Finnish Youth Circus Association, Finland
Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre, Estonia
Fundacja Miasto Projekt, Poland
Vlaams centrum voor circuskunsten, Belgium
Giocolieri e Dintorni, Italy
Circomundo, the Netherlands
FFEC, France
Circus Works, UK
BAG-Zirkuspädagogik, Germany
Cirkokrog, Slovenia

Project results

The project results and materials created in the project will be collected on this page. The first materials will be published in spring 2019.