Welcome to the Nurtsi youth circus festival 2019!


The Nurtsi festival 2019 is arranged by The Finnish Youth Circus Association (FYCA) and Espoo Performing Arts School (ESKO). It will be taking place in 3rd-7th of June in Espoo, Finland. The venue will be Espoo Cultural Center.

Festival program will form from youth circus- and theatre groups performances, workshops and other programs. Circusschool or a Performing Arts School can bring to the festival:

– One 30 min creation (max 30 min. long)

-One short creation (max 15 min. long)

– Three individual acts (max 5 min. long each)


The performers will get constructive feedback from their work and performances. There is no restriction of how many participants there is in attending Group or Creation/Act). You can participate the festival also without performing with a participant pass, which is cheaper than the performing pass.

Registration to the festival will be open during 15th of February to 15th of March.


Performing venue

The performing site is Espoo Cultural Centre, where we have two stages in our use:

Tapiola Hall

Stage specs

Stage Width: 15m 65cm
Depth: 12m 57 cm
Height: back lighting truss 8m 50cm
front lighting truss 10m

Louhi Hall

Stage specs:
Stage Width: 14m 40 cm
Depth: 8m 60cm (small stage)
Height to the bridge 7 m
Height to the truss 10 m



Both stages are suitable for aerial riggings. One stage at least is good for tight wire rigging. More information will be in the Drive-folder.


Accommodation and food

School accommodation is included in the festival pass. The school is situated on a walking distance from Espoo Cultural Centre. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening snack are included in the festival pass.


Workshops and other program

The participants of the festival can attend three different workshops during the festival. The workshop program includes different topics, such as different circus disciplines on different levels, other performing arts related workshops as well, stretching etc. The full workshop list will be published in May.


There will be also an opening event and an ending gala. Social events where peers can meet each other will be arranged during the festival also. We can also help you with organizing visits to other places of interest.


Registration and Prices

Registration will open on the 15thof February. The registration for international participants will happen through Google form, where you can sign up. The head of the group leader will sign up the group members. In the Google form, there will be questions about your arrival, departure, length of stay, diets, accommodation, etc.


There are two price categories for international participants. It possible to take part for the whole festival or for three days (either from Monday-Wednesday or from Wednesday-Friday) and either to perform at the festival or not.



  Scandinavia and Central Europe* Eastern and Southern Europe**
Performer pass

Includes: Performing, workshops, access to other shows, accommodation, food

140€ 120€ *130€//**110€
Participation pass

Includes: Workshops, access to shows, accommodation, food

120€ 100€ *110€//**90€
Group leader

Includes: Access to shows, accommodation, food

100€ 80€ *90€ // **70€

(*Scandinavia: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Luxembourg. **Eastern and Southern Europe: Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Makedonia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Russia and countries outside of Europe)

Other useful information:

Visit Espoo, travel guide https://www.visitespoo.fi/en/areas/tapiola/

Sirkusinfo – Finland, Finnish information center for cirucs https://sirkusinfo.fi/en/